The Board of Directors at Borneo Aqua ensures the company serves the interests of shareowners with the highest standards of integrity, quality and compliance. Serving as tough critics and financial advisors, they provide thorough and meaningful guidance of the major strategic issues of the company.

-Dato' Seri Md Kamal Bin Bilal Independent Non-Executive Chairman
-Datuk Lo Fui Ming Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer
-Lo Ken Hin Executive Director
-Lo Teck Yong Executive Director
-Akinori Hotani Executive Director
-Chang Mei-Lin @ Tina Chang Non-Executive Director
-Md Afendi Bin Hamdan Independent Non-Executive Director
-Chong Khing Chung Independent Non-Executive Director
-Dora Chiu Kui Tzu Independent Non-Executive Director


  1. Audit Committee
  2. Nominating Committee
  3. Remuneration Committee
-Dora Chui Kui Tzu Chairman
-Md Afendi Bin Hamdan Member
-Chong Khing Chung Member
-Chang Mei-Lin @ Tina Chang Chairman
-Dora Chiu Kui Tzu Member
-Md Afendi Bin Hamdan Member

" Overcoming Challenges.
Powering Ahead. "