Feed pellets instead, fish breeders told
Daily Express
14 April 2005

Kuala Lumpur: Deputy Agriculture Minister Datuk Seri Shariff Omar advised fish breeders to progress with the times and feed their fish food pellets instead of animal discards such as chicken intestines.

He said the "traditional feed" would only produce low quality fish and would pollute the water and environment.

Fish breeders should adopt good aquaculture practices in keeping up wit the consumers' demand for safe foods, he said.

Shariff said the country now only had the capacity to produce about 100,000 tonnes of fish feed annually at the 27 factories nationwide.

The country imported more than 80 per cent of the raw material for making fish feed, mainly from the United States, he said.

He said that as the country required about 750,000 tonnes of fish feed annually by 2010 in view of the rising number of fish breeders, an information network among fish feed producers in the country and those in Asia would be established to enable the sharing of fish feed production technology - Bernama.