Despite only becoming operational about three years ago, Plentiful has achieved numerous breakthroughs in its R&D.

In relation to broodstock research and breeding purposes, Plentiful has an established network with many suppliers, which will enable it to buy the required high commercial value and carefully handled live fish from them. Plentiful has successfully over the past few years domesticated most of the wild fishes acquired. To date, Plentiful has over 20 species, of which most are sizeable high commercial value species of fish suitable to be used as broodstock for research and breeding purposes.  Through its research and breeding, Plentiful also hopes to protect some of the high commercial value fishes from commercial extinction. Species under threat include Giant Grouper (Epinephelus Lanceolatus) and Potato Cod Grouper (Epinephelus Tukula). Potato Cod Grouper is a protected specie in Australia. 

During the past three years, Plentiful has conducted extensive research on the technique of artificial fish spawning. In end of 2001, Plentiful started its R&D on breeding of Marble Grouper and Malabar Red Snapper. Plentiful achieved its major breakthrough in 2003, in which these two species have successfully produced large numbers of fertilised eggs for onward hatching into fish fry. Through extensive R&D, Plentiful has also successfully acquired the relevant technology to hatch the fertilised eggs to fish fry for onward sales to local breeders. In early 2004, Plentiful achieved another major breakthrough in the success of the breeding of Coral Trout Grouper, a priced fish for consumption amongst the Chinese communities in the Asia Pacific region, in particular Hong Kong and China. Coral Trout Grouper is a Grouper specie known to be extremely difficult to be breed in captivity. The Fisheries Department of Sabah has via its letter dated 23 October 2003 and 24 April 2004 acknowledged that Plentiful is the first company in Malaysia to have successfully mass-produced fish fry of Marble Grouper, Malabar Red Snapper and Coral Trout Grouper for commercial purposes.

In addition to those breakthroughs mentioned above, Plentiful and Marine have also been very successful in their research on fish rearing technologies, from larvae to adult fish.


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