In view of the widening gap between the demand and supply of marine fish in the country as well as in the international market, Borneo Aqua Group intends to be the catalyst in developing the marine fish farming industry in Malaysia and Asia Pacific region, consistent with the economic strategy of both the Sabah State Government and the Malaysia Government to promote aquaculture as one of the economic activities for the country.

Borneo Aqua is committed to further improve and develop the marine aquaculture industry in Malaysia by:

  • enhancing the country's research and development capabilities through sharing of knowledge with regional universities, research centres and relevant organisations/bodies;

  • educating local fish farmers on breeding, hatchery and rearing of high value marine fish;

  • creating sub-sector within the aqualculture industry and promoting new downstream industries; and

  • improving the living standard of fish farmers and creating job opportunities through the rearing of a diversified and high commercial value marine fish introduced by Borneo Aqua

Borneo Aqua aspires to be a market leader in breeding and supply of high quality marine fish in the Asia Pacific region. To achieve this, the Company has identified four strategic areas as its growth master plan:

  • broaden its product base and species of fish through research by a highly trained and motivated R&D team

  • enhance its R&D capabilities through tie-ups with local or international universities and related organisations and professional bodies;

  • provide high quality products and services by supplying high-quality, toxic-free fish that are reared in a clean and natural environement; and

  • establish new customer base and improve on its customer network across the region and develop strategic marketing alliances with international wholesalers.



" We Make It Our Business To Bridge The Market's Demand With Our Supply "