Marine Fish Floating Cage and Hatchery Project at Sandakan, Sabah
Sepang Today Aquaculture Centre
15 May 2005

Plentiful Harvest Sdn. Bhd was incorporated three years ago with the objectives of breeding fish fries and rearing fish for export. Recently, Plentiful Harvest Sdn. Bhd was acquired by Borneo Aqua Harvest Berhad. Its hatchery centre at Mile 7, previously used for prawn's aquaculture, has been transformed into a full-scale hatchery centre. Within these few years, the company has achieved numerous breakthroughs by acquiring the knowledge to analyse the behaviour of the fish and master the artificial spawning technique which are applied to the production of Marble Grouper, Red Snaper and as well as Coral Trout. Marble Grouper and Coral Trout are high commercial fishes for Hong Kong market and their market is global.

The success of the company in breeding and rearing of high-commercial value fish has attracted numerous potential investors from other countries such as Australia, Japan, Korea etc. tovisit the hatchery centre at Mile 7 and its rearing centre at Pulau Berhala. Recently, a team of investors led by David Whyte from NUTRECO, Australia, an international company manufacturing nutritional fish feed and one of the a multinational salmon fish farming giants, came to visit Borneo Aqua Harvest's hatchery and rearing centre. He noted that he has visited many fish rearing farming in Asia like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippine, and found that Sandakan, Sabah is the most suitable place for hatchery of fish fry and rearing of fish in view of its environment, climate, temperature, geographical features, competitive advantages and an area with least risks as compared to others. He also noted that Borneo Aqua Harvest is feeding the fish fry with artificial nutritional feed which can significantly help to produce good quality of fish fry for the market.

Datuk Lo, CEO of Borneo Aqua Harvest, said, "The company has more than 20 species of brood stocks at its rearing centre and some of these stocks are near production stages other than Marble Grouper, Coral Trout and Red Snapper. Our company is currently producing fish fry of Marble Grouper, Coral Trout and Red Snapper in large quantity and it will have more production of other species in the near future. Currently, the price of Marble Grouper fries sold at RM3.50 per tail and RM8.00 to RM10.00 per tail for Coral Trout fry. Our cultured Marble Grouper and Coral Trout are sold to Hong Kong market at a stable price from RM40.00 to RM45.00 and from RM80.00 to RM120.00 per kg respectively. The profit margin is high. On top of that, the Federal Government is promoting and encouraging investors to invest in this business by granting Tax Incentives for a period up to ten (10) years commencing from the year the company makes a profit."

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