Malaysia can be major player in aquaculture, says businessman
Business Times
10 April 2006

Malaysia has the potential to become a major player in the aquaculture industry in Asia Pacific, surpassing players such as Taiwan, if more companies enter the sector.

At the moment, Taiwan is one of the biggest aquaculture players, commanding a bulk of the live fish market in the region.

Borneo Aqua Harvest Bhd managing director Datuk Lo Fui Ming said, currently, not many companies in Malaysia have sufficient technology and knowhow to breed, hatch and rear, fishes, especially marine species, for the export market.

"The market for marine fishes especially in Asia is huge and companies have the chance to tap into these markets given that they have the expertise and technology to breed marine fishes," he told Business Times in Sandakan, Sabah, recently.

Apart from government support, another advantage is the quality of waters which are full of microbes and the environment, which protects the waters from open threats such as typhoons and big waves.

Due to the overwhelming demand for quality live fish from Hong Kong and China, Borneo Aqua has increased its capacity to handle mass production of high commercial value fish fry and adult fish.

Borneo Aqua is also looking closely at South Korea and Japan. It exports about 45 per cent of its products to Hong Kong and China, and expects new markets in Japan and South Korea to boost export sales to 75 per cent by end-2006.

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