28 May 2012
PM unveils 21 projects during ETP update
25 December 2011
Aquaculture sector: Borneo Aqua Harvest Bhd – Riding on the high tide PDF
14 September 2011
Feature Video on Borneo Aqua Harvest Berhad
15 July 2011
Borneo Aqua Harvest Berhad’s (Group) Future Plans
18 May 2011
TVB shooting for a new Food & Travel Programme
3 May 2011
RTM1 interview and shooting visit at Silam Fish Farm
15 September 2010
Industrial visit by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry
18 April 2011
Borneo Aqua in Nanyang Siang Pau PDF
16 February 2010
ACE Market's Top 10 Tycoon PDF
28 September 2009
Borneo Aqua fishing going strong PDF
7 September 2009
Borneo Aqua fishing for better record PDF
18 August 2009
Borneo Aqua Harvest- Golden Harvest PDF
17 August 2009
Borneo Aqua Harvest will continue to uptrend PDF
May 2009
Sabah giant grouper a delicacy in Hong Kong restaurant PDF
1 March 2009
Lo sees bright future in Sabah's aquaculture industry PDF
23 February 2009
Growing Business Potential in Seaweed Farming PDF
21 February 2009
Setting Up National Aquaculture Centre (PAN) in Sabah PDF
December 2008
Sabah Giant Grouper and Sabah Coral Rockcod now available in Hong Kong PDF
18 December 2008
Live grouper to HK, China from Silam PDF
18 December 2008
Borneo Aqua exported 18 tonnes of live grouper fish to Hong Kong PDF
10 December 2008
Building a sustainable society PDF
10 December 2008
Borneo Aqua donated RM20k to Sabah Environmental Protection Association PDF
December 2008
Borneo Aqua Certified with SPLAM
23 November 2008
Industrial Visit
11 July 2008
A visit by the Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Yahya Hussin (Mandarin) PDF
11 July 2008
Yahya visits fish fry centre (Bahasa Malaysia) PDF
11 July 2008
Sandakan aquaculture visit
4 June 2008
Borneo Aqua Harvest - A success story in Malaysia, Marine Fish Farming in Malaysia: Are There Any Opportunities for Maldives (English) PDF
16 February 2008
Mesdaq Taipan
7 November 2007
Shortage of 30 million fish fry every year in Sabah (Bahasa Malaysia) PDF
20 October 2007
More centres to ease fish fry shortage
17 April 2006
Malaysia could become major player in Asia Pacific aquaculture
10 April 2006
Malaysia can be major player in aquaculture, says businessman
6 September 2005
Borneo Aqua listed on the Mesdaq
6 September 2005
Borneo Aqua allocates RM2.7mil for R & D
6 September 2005
Borneo Aqua plans to expand its business (Mandarin) PDF
6 September 2005
Borneo Aqua plans to set up indoor hatchery in West Malaysia (Mandarin) PDF
6 September 2005
Borneo Aqua plans to have indoor pond hatchery in West Malaysia (Mandarin) PDF
5 September 2005
Borneo Aqua expanding
9 August 2005
Borneo Aqua eyes S. Korea
9 August 2005
Borneo Aqua expects to record double-digit growth
9 August 2005
Sabah-based marine biotechnology company Borneo Aqua is targeting to enter South Korea and Japan (Mandarin) PDF
9 August 2005
Borneo Aqua has the expertise in breeding and hatchery of high commercial value marine fish (Mandarin) PDF
8 August 2005
Pursue aquaculture devt aggressively, CM tells farmers
7 August 2005
Focus on biotech development
7 August 2005
Local industries should focus on biotechnology development in Sabah (Mandarin) PDF
August 2005
Bright market prospect for marine industry (Mandarin) PDF
August 2005
Borneo Aqua is the first marine biotechnology company set to list on MESDAQ (Mandarin) PDF
15 July 2005
Borneo Aqua signs underwriting pact with CIMB
June 2005
Sandakan is rich in marine biodiversity (Mandarin) PDF
13 March 2005
Plentiful Harvest has successfully produced fish fry of Marble Grouper (Mandarin) PDF
13 March 2005
A visit by Australia marine biologist David Whyte (Mandarin) PDF
5 June 2005
Reaping the rewards of aquaculture
15 May 2005
Marine Fish Floating Cage and Hatchery Project at Sandakan, Sabah
14 April 2005
A visit by the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Sabah (Mandarin) PDF
13 August 2004
A visit by the Malaysia Parliament Secretary to Ministry of Finance and Deputy Director of Custom Malaysia (Mandarin) PDF