Integration and technology. The elements that set Borneo Aqua apart from other marine fish companies in the Asia Pacific region. While competitors deal only with certain aspects of aquaculture, Borneo Aqua distinguishes itself by getting involved with the entire process of sustainable aquaculture. From broodstock management, R&D, breeding, hatching, rearing, production of live feed, marketing, live fish transportation to providing training and consultancy services related to the industry, this unified approach allows the Group to establish a high premium on its products over its peers.

The Group's integrated approach in developing high value products and services has led it to commit to comprehensive R&D and risk management programmes and to employ trained scientists to carry out its objectives. Borneo Aqua's investment in R&D has enabled the Group to gain unique advantages of biotechnology in the field of aquaculture, such as achieving more control on the Group's fish breeding, hatchery and rearing operations.

Its unmatched investments in R&D and human capital make Borneo Aqua well-placed to lead the industry and to play a vital role in the Asia Pacific region.

The Group employs a number of marine biologists to carry out research and supervise the biotechnology aspects of its operations. They play an important role in improving processes that are vital to the lifecycle of the broodstock that Borneo Aqua carries.

" Making A Difference
With Cutting Edge R & D "